Anime Clash Simulator Script/Gui


– Grab Chest
– Autosell

– Sell
– Autofarm (Farm Chakra & Sell)
– Auto Buy All Items (Choose btw, Sword, Scroll, Rank, Power)
– Buy Egg’s (Choose scroll)
– Equip Best Pets
– Unlock Island
– Farm Chest
– Teleport to Island & Booster Location
– Farm Boss
– Use Power with Boss
– Gold Machine
– Farm Achievement (Jump & Dash)
– No Cooldown Dash
– Change Dash Power
– Auto Gold Pets Equipped ( That Gold all your equipped pets, don’t need to farm pets to get 8 of them, one up you to 100% directly, so instant gold 🙂 )

Roblox Anime Clash is a simulator game that will have you learning how to be the ultimate ninja! Slash your sword to earn Chakra, which you can sell for Yen. Use the Yen to upgrade your sword, buy more storage, and upgrade to a higher rank! You will earn Crystals through completing quests and leveling up, which can be used to buy pets that will increase your ability to gain currency. When you’ve upgraded your character enough, travel upwards into the sky to reach new worlds with greater challenges and rewards. See if you can reach the top of the leaderboards and become the #1 player in the game!

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