Kat! Script/Gui

KAT (Knife Ability Test) is a player-vs-player deathmatch Roblox game developed by Fierzaa. Its objective is to kill targets and other players for rubies. The game utilizes elements from Murder Mystery 2 and The Mad Murderer, including knives, guns, and map styles. It has added in Trading And cool Powers. It also has a currency called Gems.

Script Features:

  • Esp
  • Silent
  • Auto Farm

Latest Major Update (SPOOKY)



+ New Gamemode, Murder!

+ 3 New Maps! (Hospital, The Office, Studio)

+ A Hidden Exclusive Halloween Knife..

+ Many QoL Changes & Bugfixes.

+ New Taunts, Gear, Pets, and Knives!

+ Shotgun Revolver & Old Halloween Items are on-sale!

.. and more!

A big thank you to the awesome people that made this game possible: TrustMeImRussian, nettimato, Mii_BrawIer, GesaffeIstein, Rastamypasta, 2Hex, PastaFTW, Programmables and Locard!

Settings and Statistics

Around 12,000 players currently playing


95,000 dislikes

Around 2,176,628 favorites

KAT was last updated 27th November 2020

The max amount of players in each server is 16

Private servers currently cost 85 Robux

There is currently 1 badge in KAT

Meet An Admin - Awarded for being in a server with an Admin. 0.0% Rarity. Around 0 are obtained daily and it has been awarded 71457 times.

Knife Powers

There are currently 11 knife Powers ( Powers don't change your knife kill effect in anyway. Please remember that they make different noises and sometimes give your knife an effect (Glitch).

  • Default - A normal knife throw with a small radius after a delay once hitting a surface. Default.
  • Ghost knife - Your knife goes through walls it goes as slow and it's radius is as small as Default. Unlocked at level 20. (When you kill someone, you will get 2 gems)
  • Laser - When knife is thrown it appears as a red laser it moves a bit slower than a gun shot. Unlocked at level 25. (When you kill someone, you will get 1 gem)
  • Explosive knife - Is as small and as slow as Default. But explodes after a short delay ( It explodes as soon as it is hits a player). It is 100 Gems. (When you kill someone , you will get 2 gems)
  • Noscope - Same as the laser knife except it's a little bit faster and bigger and creates a 3D GUI of an X crosshair upon hitting a surface that quickly disappears (Visible through walls). It is 450 Gems. (When you kill someone, you will get 1 gem)
  • Deathbeam - Same as Noscope but it is red and goes through walls and players (Does not make the X). It is 6000 Gems. (You won't get any gems when you kill someone)
  • Hyperbeam - Same as Deathbeam but it is Rainbow coloured and is a tiny bit bigger and faster. Moves a bit faster than a gun shot. It is 15,000 Gems.
  • Teleport knife - If it does not hit a player then you teleport where it landed. Moves as slow and is as small as Default. It is 200 Robux.
  • Shotgun - Throws a few default knives in a spread rather than one. It is 250 Robux. Not tradeable.
  • Tesla - It makes an line of Electricity. The trail effect lingers for a bit and damages players that touch it. It moves as fast as Laser. It is 600 Robux. Not tradeable.
  • Spam knife - A normal knife, but the player can fire a knife as fast as they can click. It is 9001 Robux. Not tradeable. When u got dat drip you'll get it buster


  • Spam Knife (9001 Robux) - Gives the player the Spam Knife Power.
  • Shard Knives ( 200 Robux) - Gives the player all 5 Shard Knife skins and the Rainbow Shard Knife skin.
  • Kill Effect Transfer (120 Robux) - The kill effect on your knife also happens on your revolver.
  • Shotgun Knife - Gives the player Shotgun Knife Power.
  • Dead Meme (25 Robux) - Gives the player the 1OOO Degree Knife skin.
  • MLG Bundle (350 Robux) - Gives the Player the MLG Knife skin, Illuminati knife effect, and the Doge pet.
  • VIP (95 Robux) - Unlocks the coin cloud pet, Australium knife skin, a VIP chat tag and Chat Emotes.
  • Tesla (600 Robux) - Gives the player the Tesla power.
  • MVP (200 Robux) - Unlocks the MVP Chat tag and animated Chat Emotes and gives you more gems if you kill your target.
  • Spray (55 Robux) - Lets the Player spray any decal onto walls, using the asset ID.
  • Radio (150 Robux) - Unlocks access to the radio (There are radio skins you can buy) which allows you to play music in-game (Other players can mute it so they PERSONALLY can't here it).

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